Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back Again

Well, I've been absent from the blog for a while and that's mostly due to our computer crashing and my scanner not being compatible with my laptop. We just got it back and I've been able to scan and upload some of my recent successes and purchases. I see I've missed a lot in the past month or two, and I hope to get back to you guys about trades and stuff and posting my tradelist. I've had some trouble trying to get it to upload onto the blog but if nothing else I'll just make a post with it. Thanks for following guys and now off to the autos!

First, with my longest wait so far this year at 108 days.... Mr. Tom Matchick! He signed my 73 Topps and 91 Crown in black ballpoint pen. I really like when vintage cards are signed in ballpoint, it looks better and feels more authentic to me for some reason.

Then, in an eBay purchase I was able to pick up these all for the minimum bid and add 2 new Oriole autos. First was Eric Byrnes. I always liked his hustle and grit. He is a true ball player. Then I added a non-Oriole uniform in Russ Ortiz. I was already bidding on Byrnes and figured I'd go ahead and add him into the deal. I also got certified autos of Adam Loewen and Chris Britton.

I will be updating again tomorrow with some more recent successes and purchases!

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