Saturday, July 10, 2010

I've finally gotten my Photobucket back to normal and fully organized and categorized. It for some reason refuses to load right on my laptop. But I have gotten several responses as of lately and even had an in person success! If anyone needs any help or wants to trade just email or comment me, I'm still trying to get a trade list of Orioles autos together but there's definitely plenty I need and I have extras of a lot of guys too!

By the way you can check out ALL my Orioles autos that I own on my Photobucket here:

I think I'm going to post a few of my older autos every post but for now there's all my autos. I'm working on scanning everything else including my other autos and collections.

But now my TTM successes:

Mr. Hart signed my 4 cards in a little over 2 weeks. Looks like he needs a new sharpie.

Mr. Fuller signed my 2 cards in 19 days c/o home. I really like getting vintage cards signed, especially in ballpoint pen.

Mr. Holtzman didn't sign the CIC I had included and scribbled a signature on his 91 Crown in about a month and a half.

Mr. Vineyard signed my cards in precisely 2 weeks and even included his address on my SASE.
Mr. Green unfortunately decided to keep my 1991 Crown card but did return his 1958 Rookie Card signed.

Mr. Hood signed my 2 cards with a personalization and included his own signed postcard, awesome!
Mr. Marshall added another signed 1958 Topps to my collection, I've been on a kick of getting those signed recently.
Mr. Reed signed my 2005 Topps Total that was already signed by Aaron Rakers to finish off my first ever multi-signed card!

Yet another 58 Topps signed, and in 8 days no less!

I don't really like the cards in the Crown set that show guys in non-Oriole uniforms but I guess I can't be that picky.

In addition to my TTM successes I snagged Boog Powell at Camden Yards on Matt Wieters Bobblehead night. It's always awesome to see Boog out there signing autographs and I always bring something to get signed by him! This time I brought my 91 Crown for my set and a 1971 Sports Illustrated.Finally, a few purchases came in:

I've been wanting this card for a while now but it just wasn't coming at a price I wanted but I snagged it for just under $2 and I also managed to win this Matt Wieters photo for .99 cents plus shipping!


  1. What is your email, I cannot find it on the site. I have a bunch of Orioles autographs from when I went to spring training in the 90's that I can move if you are interested.

  2. That Weiters is awesome!! You should check out my Weiters ballpark success along with others, at

  3. Thanks guys!

    ND- Email me at, thanks, sorry for the delay!

    Matt- Pretty sweet stuff, I'm following your blog now, good luck!