Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A 'Tom' Type of Day

Today was an exciting day at the mailbox. I got back 5 returns, some on guys that don't have the highest success rates signing TTM. Of those 5, three are all named Tom! Additionally, I received a Jerry, a Fred, and finally a Luis in a trade.

First up is Tom Patton. Tom played his only game in the Majors with the Orioles on April 30, 1957.

Tom Chism also signed for me in a faded blue marker.
An awesome success came from Tom Dukes who included his own signed photo and wrote a letter back to me!

I was very happy to get back Jerry DaVanon, who only had one success listed since late 2009. I sent out a 1991 Crown anyways.
Luis came to me in a trade on Sportscollectors.net. I gave up a 2010 Upper Deck Jake Fox.

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